Haystack: I am currently a direct investor (via Haystack) in the following companies in Haystack I: Hired+, Paddle8+, Instacart+, Hashicorp+, ExitRound, HelloSign, Gyft [acquired by First Data], Vnera, Burner, Coin+, DoorDash+, Hivemapper, Bond, Envoy, Refresh [acquired by LinkedIn], Mirror+, Highlight, Mortar Data [acquired by Datadog], Gliph, Grid Wireless, Navdy+**, 3Gear Systems [acquired by Facebook], Weaved, Velo Labs**, Airenvy, AltspaceVR, Golden Gate Games, LAST, BlockScore, Sigmod Labs, Cambly, MightyText, Emissary, Onfleet**, Narvar, Dextro, and Giphy+.

Haystack II: Bolt; BRANDiD; Totspot; SFOX; Chain; Vessel.io [acquired by Marketo]; FLYR; MTailor; Datos.io+; Unwind.me; Yo; [Redacted-SF-Consumer]; Auxy; Filecoin; Amino; StoryWorth; Sonar (SMS); Chameleon (ShopPad); Boomtown; Chariot+** (Board Observer); Gyroscope+**; Cointures; Trippeo; Managed By Q+, CloudPeeps; eShares; WedPics; ALCF; Super (Board Observer); Haven (advisor); Asseta; VSporto; Run Hop; HeadOut; HourlyNerd; 99Gamers; Getable; Figma; Opendoor; VIVE; Wag+; Wonolo; Shuddle; Remix+; Enrollease; Pomello; Bluesmart; Josephine; Sutro Health; Cleanly; [Redacted-SF-Enterprise]; Payable+; Booster; Trusted; Wrapify; BentoBox CMS; Carmera; Filament; [Stealth-LA]; Button; Airmap; Abra; Homer Logistics**; Tempo Automation+; Prayas Analytics; Paintzen.

Haystack III: OneConcern; SecondMeasure; IronClad; Compology; Remedy; Tesorio; (four more coming….).

[Key: ** AngelList syndicated, +follow-on round by an institutional investor.]

Haywire is written by Semil Shah, and is published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. Copyright © 2015 Semil Shah.

“I write this not for the many, but for you; each of us is enough of an audience for the other.”— Epicurus