Previous Haystack Investments:

Hired, Instacart, Hashicorp, HelloSign, Burner, DoorDash, Hivemapper, Envoy, Pillow, BlockScore, Cambly, Narvar, Giphy, Protocol Labs (makers of Filecoin), Amino Apps, SFOX, Chain, FLYR Labs, MTailor, DatOS.io, eShares, Catalant, Figma, OpenDoor, Wag Walking, Remix, Clara Labs, Booster Fuels, Bentobox CMS, Carmera, Wonolo, Filament, Joymode, Button, Airmap, Homer Logistics, Tempo Automation, Paintzen, Managed By Q, Gyroscope, Boomtown, OneConcern, SecondMeasure, IronClad, Compology, Tesorio, Origin, BetterView, ScopeAR, Birdeye, nTopology, Awake Networks, Myra Labs, TalentIQ, DotDashPay, Cape Networks, Astranis, Simplifeye, Skysafe, WorldCover, Mux, Perlara, Citizen, Cobalt Robotics, WorldView Experience, PreNav, Shaper Tools, Workramp, Saildrone, Pluot, Seneca, Iris Automation, Smallstep, People.ai, KubOS, OptimusRide, Zylo, Pray, ALICE Technologies, Stedi, AdQuick, Nautilus Labs, RBC Signals, Elroy Air, Seriforge, 1protocol, Tortuga, 1confirmation, “AI” Stealth.

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