I live in Palo Alto, am a Venture Advisor to Bullpen Capital and GGV Capital and also invest out of a small fund called Haystack. This is my best attempt at a resume:

  • Haystack: I am currently a direct investor (via Haystack) in the following companies in Haystack I: Hired, Paddle8, Instacart, Hashicorp, ExitRound, HelloSign, Gyft, Vnera, Burner, Coin, DoorDash, Sidebar, Bond, Envoy, Refresh, Vaurum Labs, Highlight, Mortar Data, Gliph, Grid Wireless, Navdy**, 3Gear Systems, Weaved, Velo Labs**, Airenvy, Altspace, Golden Gate Games, LAST, BlockScore, Sigmod Labs, Cambly, MightyText, Emissary, Addy**, Narvar, Dextro, and Giphy. Haystack I is now closed! (** denotes AngelList syndicated).
  • Haystack II: Bolt; BRANDiD; Totspot; SFOX; Chain; Vessel.io; FLYR; MTailor; DatOSCloud; Unwind.me; Yo; [Redacted-SF]; Auxy; Filecoin; Narvii; StoryWorth; Simpledesk; Chameleon (ShopPad); Boomtown; Chariot; Gyroscope; Cointures; Trippeo; Managed By Q, CloudPeeps; [Redacted-Mountain View]; WedPics; ALCF; Super Home.
  • Mobile Technology: Until recently, I worked on mobile product (iOS and Android), marketing, and distribution for Swell, built by Concept.io (acquired by Apple). I am currently exploring new roles in mobile technology for the rest of the year.
  • Venture Capital Work: In the past, I have been a formal paid consultant to a variety of venture capital firms on Sand Hill Road assisting with deal evaluation, due diligence, marketing, and special operations — those firms have included General Catalyst, Kleiner Perkins, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Trinity Ventures, Javelin Venture Partners, Bullpen Capital, GGV Capital, and a few others. (Currently, I’m a Venture Advisor to GGV and Bullpen only.)
  • Public Speaking: I am happy to consider speaking or moderating at events, though I will not participate in large events that require paid registration. My personal preference is to speak at events that are small and private (and focused on a specific topic), at events where there is only one panel on a specific topic, or moderating conversations over smaller dinners.
  • Media: Previously, I was an official contributor to TechCrunch from January 2011 to April 2014 [link to column], where I wrote a weekly column every Sunday at 10am PST and created and hosted TV show called “In The Studio,” which ended after 70 consecutive episodes. Today, I write on Haywire and currently produce interviews as  “Sunday Conversations,” which airs bi-monthly or so [iTunes] [SoundCloud].
  • Reading List: For RSS trigger list (powered by IFTTT) of the bloggers I read religiously, click here.
  • Previous lives: I’ve worked at two companies in operations in the Valley, Rexly (acquired by Live Nation) and Votizen (acquired by Causes), been a consultant to IFTTT on their mobile apps and platform, and was an EIR for six months with Javelin Venture Partners in San Francisco. Before moving to the Valley in 2010, I helped start a life sciences company (MegaCell Therapeutics)  in Boston, wrote for Harvard Business Review [link to my posts] and Knowledge@Wharton, worked for Harvard University in a variety of capacities (including in India) while attending graduate school, worked in the finance field on the nonprofit side (for the NCEO) in Oakland (2002-2006), worked for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and spent one year as a cook at Bi-Rite Market off Dolores Park in San Francisco and another as a professional bartender in NYC near Gramercy Park at a bar that no longer exists. I have also spent considerable time traveling in and doing business in Asia, specifically China and India, for many years.
  • Twitter: @semil | LinkedIn | @Medium, for personal writing
  • Contact: I’m kindly asking people emailing with question to instead post them here. I will answer them, and the questions and answers will be public. If you need me directly, first.last@gmail, emails over 1,000 characters in length will not be returned. For potential investments, I now kindly ask that people contact me through a mutual connection. I am unable to properly process pitches from people I do not know, and now moving forward, will not reply to all of those opportunities. Please feel free to explore our mutual connections on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Privacy Policy: Haywire does not share email addresses of subscribers with anyone.

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